Centaur TBMS Features

The Centaur Travel Business Management System provides a full suite of tools that range from online reservations to back office automation. Some of the major modules are listed below:

Executive Dashboard

The role of a MIS is to provide information at a glance that helps to understand the financial and operational health of the business.

With Executive Dashboard in Centaur, this comes in the form of a fine set of information tuned to serve the industry needs.

Key Features

  • Demand based feed of consolidated operational data – reservations, sales, campaigns
  • Personalization of settings
  • Monitoring any number of tracking tours
  • Grouped by tour type and distribution channel
  • Reservations for current fiscal year and next fiscal year based on tour itineraries

Integrated Travel-Centric CRM

By providing a consistent level of service and recognizing prospects across every channel, the Centaur TBMS helps share relevant real-time and historical customer information across the organization. We help you achieve higher revenue per customer by improving up-selling and cross-selling of additional products and services.

Key Features

  • Client Management
  • Opportunities
  • Booking & Sales Tracking
  • Communications, Preferences and Interest Tracking
  • 360° view of the customer
  • Powerful contact manager
  • Customer referral tracking

Product Management

Content: Build, create, cost and sell your products within one system, providing you operational and financial insight from product creation through travel execution.

Integrated Online Booking

Centaur TBMS software provides an intuitive online reservation interface so your customers can easily book your tours, lodging or rentals.

Ensuring that inventory is online with real-time availability is crucial to your success.

Key Features

  • Facility to sell direct through your website for registered customers
  • Support for taking online reservations for Direct, Agency and Group type reservations
  • Support for “branding” the site for agencies and groups
  • Real-time inventory checking and update.
  • Dispatch of user defined documents based on client type
  • Implementation using the latest Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) specifications
  • Web Services based end-to-end FIT reservation flow support
  • Possible from any third-party applications with proper authentication

Back-Office Reservations

Centaur TBMS software provides all the tools you need so you can efficiently make reservations on the phone or in person.

You'll reduce training time and increase sales with our user-friendly, feature-rich reservations interface.


Key Features

  • Packaged and FIT type tour reservations
  • Partial payments against Reservation
  • Dispatch confirmation and Travel documents
  • Rooming List Management
  • Service class level inventory check in real-time
  • Wait List Management
  • Cruise Reservation Module
  • Integrated with Air Zone pricing module
  • Pickup/Drop-off site selection
  • Ability to add general services to any reservation
  • Load Factor based Quote facility for FIT tours.
  • Managing airport database and available services at each destinations
  • Seat Availability Information for all tours
  • User defined mark-up on sell prices at reservation time
  • Application of Multiple Promotion Codes
  • Document delivery address feature.
  • Service level notes
  • and a lot more

Online Portals (Traveler, Group & Agencies)

No more emailing back and forth and manually uploading client information and sending itineraries by snail mail. Not to mention the savings of dedicated staff time and resources just to operate this method of client relations. Now each client will have their own unique login portal where all information can be uploaded and downloaded and available in real-time in the cloud to both your company and the passenger.

Key Features

  • Portal access to Travelers, Agents and Group Leaders
  • Secure access for online payments, document uploads
  • Integrated messaging
  • Access to invoices and any travel documents
  • Client specific custom sections
  • Customer profile updates (optional)
  • Separate access for each traveler in a reservation

Online Payments

Provide travelers with the ability to pay online with secure transactions and available payment vendor integrations.

Operations & Logistics

Successful Tour business house brand themselves by the ability to provide the highest levels of service in operations and inventory management.

Our software offers tools to help your operations run smoothly and guide you with extensive reports while ensuring security at all levels all the time.

Key Features

  • Vendor Service Setup and Destination Management Company (DMC) Profiling
  • Tracking of communication, services and payments history
  • Unlimited service type and service classes for each vendor
  • Availability of user defined brochures or documents or surveys made available on tour operator web-site
  • Integrated brochure request processing
  • User defined Web Forms and notifications upon client submits
  • Sophisticated HTML authoring interface for Web Form creation
  • Online Customer Forms are circulated along with the reservation documents
  • Management of coaches, charter groups, drivers and trips
  • Trips Order Processing and Dispatching
  • Unlimited User defined document templates
  • All documents created in – PDF, HTML, TEXT, RTF by default
  • Ability to select multiple documents from a reservation.
  • Batch Print Jobs
  • and a lot more

Marketing and Campaign Management

Generate customer and marketing insights to support your marketing and campaign efforts and supply data to your integrated systems

Accounting & Finance

It is imperative that you have the right tools to effectively manage accounting and finance to make the right business decisions.

We provide simple and efficient process flows that help you analyze cash flow and profitability.

Key Features

  • Account Receivables and Payables functions for Tour and Charter operations
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Reservations Payment Processing
  • Deposits and Cancellations
  • Check Printing
  • Check Reconciliation and Reissue
  • Commission and Allowance Processing
  • Frequent Traveler Certificate Management
  • Gift Certificates and Coupons Processing
  • Customer Payment History
  • Vendor Payment Processing
  • Interfaces to third party accounting systems
  • Detailed Accounting Reports

Website Management

Allow us to assist with your website management, reducing the complexity of working with multiple vendors.

Content Management and Related API’s

Ensure data consistency and accuracy by supplying your website with the content and data stored in Centaur.

Third-Party Integrations

Seamlessly connect Centaur to your GDS, Payment, Email/Marketing, Accounting and Social Media solutions to maintain existing investments and processes.

Custom Reporting & Documents

Ensure support for existing reports and documents that your operation and customers depend on today.


We understand the fact that unless security patches and updates are applied and newer supported versions adopted, such software will become increasingly vulnerable.

We rely on cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet and continuously subject our software to third party security checks to meet the PCI compliance.

Key Features

  • Role-based Security
  • Ability to setup any number of “user groups”
  • Customized security settings and access rights for each user group
  • Field level access control and permission settings
  • Interface level accessibility settings
  • Access controllable by whitelisting IP addresses
  • Encrypted storage of vital data in database
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) access to all important screens
  • Software components audited for compliance